Skype Meeting with Goddess Eve

I am a loyal listener of the Dutch Sinquest podcasts.

The podcast in which Mistress Eve was interviewed made me very curious. Goddess Eve was dazzlingly beautiful, eloquent and intelligent and the ever so slight accent from the south of the Netherlands definitely won me over. I’ve had submissive feelings for a large part of my life, which i can’t express enough in my relationship and after hearing Goddess Eve, i decided to create an OnlyFans account especially for Her.

Although i didn’t know this beforehand, it soon turned out that i get very excited by worshiping an unattainable woman like a Goddess. Over time, this led to a FinDom fetish, which in combination with wearing a chastity device (K3D) and not being allowed to cum, resulted in an almost irresistible urge to pay tributes to Goddess Eve.

Pushing the pay button has since provided a feeling of near-orgasm that often feels much better than a “normal” physical orgasm. She first let me have my way with paying tributes and paying for Her some delicious purchases.…. Read more

Blackmail fantasy

My story started during the Corona crisis. What do you do as a 50 year old man with submissive feelings in these time. Before Corona I sometimes went to see mistresses. But that was no longer possible and then you start to search for options on the internet.

For a while I was curious about Findom and Femdom on Twitter. A world opened up for me there. Newbie Dommes, Princesses and Queens who are mainly after your money. At one point I came across the profile of Mistress Eve and immediately her classy appearance stood out. She’s the type of woman who immediately turns all men’s heads when she walks by…. Read more

My Ode to Mistress Eve

Writing an ode to Mrs. Eve, it seems so easy and yet it is so difficult. A beautiful, sensual and dominant Mistress, who can make you feel 101 things in a second. Whether it is her amazing body, her beautiful eyes, or her magnificent voice, this Mistress will enchant you immediately.

From the age of 23 I have served only 1 Mistress, and when she stopped I fell into a black hole. It was a huge step for me to start to explore the world of BDSM beyond my first Mistress.

Should I suppress the urge for BDSM for the rest of my life and get out? Or will I look for a new / different Mistress to rediscover the world of BDSM?

I walked around with this uncertainty for several weeks, until Mrs. Eve appeared on the scene. I can still remember seeing her pictures for the first time. Her beauty and mystery had already conquered me before I had ever met her. After hesitating for a long time, I took the step and contacted this…. Read more

My first step

I’ve had BDSM fantasies for many years. The game of power and trust always had a great attraction to me. An attractive woman who humiliates you has, strangely enough, something caring about it for me.

For years I searched the web looking for that one person, hoping to feel that special rush. I browsed through thousands of profiles on Fetlife and Twitter and even made an avatar on Second Life.

Occasionally I dared to take small steps to put fantasy into reality. But the reality was always much less attractive than the story I had romanticized in my head. The pictures were often beautiful and the horniness came, but after an orgasm I felt shame. I felt empty inside and hated the feelings that turned me on. Feelings that I tried to hide but that always came back.

Like this the wheel went round for years…. Read more

Dear Mistress Eve,

It took me a few days to reflect on our first session. We have of course already discussed our session in person, but I do like to let you know again how happy I am with our meeting on Tuesday with your traces still visible on me.

First of all, you are a very pleasant person to be with: friendly, interested in me and personable (inside and outside the session). It was nice to also experience your intense and raw side, the contrast is inspiring.

It was very attractive to give you an insight in my pain limits and I hope that we can pick it up from there in a next session. Your knowledge of the different kinds of pain and your willingness to give it makes me grateful.

The ultimate bond is.Read more

Learning to be a slut

I saw her photos on Twitter and my breath stopped for a minute. I scrolled through her feed and couldn’t stop watching the short videos where she teases you with her sensual beauty.

Her body is female perfection, her dominant clothing radiates power and sexuality. I feel my breathing intensify and think, this is my Mistress. I type a message and wait anxiously.

Minutes become hours and hours become days. I frantically check my inbox almost every hour of the long days that followed. But no, of course not a word from her. What did I expect ?

I see a post on her feed with the opportunity to spoil her, and I take the bait. You have to earn Mistress Eve’s attention, that is clear. Than bliss, She allows me to serve her online in a Skype session. When the moment comes I am tense and restless, she’s been in my head all day…. Read more

Nipples and stilettos

I frequently visit Mistresses and during a previous session with another mistress I met Mistress Eve. I was immediately fascinated by her beauty but also by her slim body.

After meeting her I kept wondering if such an elegant light lady could inflict any pain at all. A few weeks later I thought I had to find out. Although we had already met once Mrs. Eve still took the time for a good introductory conversation, which I appreciated very much. I had booked the attic-room where she tied me tightly, spread-eagled under the ladder. I had asked for a no-limit, no-safeword session..Read more

Your lovely feet

The first time I met you my plan was only to introduce myself on my way to see another Mistress. You were even more beautiful than in your pictures. You smelled wonderful and your smile was so enchanting and engaging. You sat down next to me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. So close to you, I felt so good.

I showed you the nasty clamps on my nipples that I always wear when I visit my Mistress. That amused you and even though I already had an appointment with another Mistress, I had to ask if we could please play for half an hour. In the attic, when you took off the clamps that had been on my nipples for over an hour, a mixture of indescribable pain and submission…. Read more

Online session

By nature I am not a submissive person. In a matter of weeks though, I have gone from a determined man to Your weak servant. Who can think of nothing else but his Goddess.

It started with an exciting online session, after which I promised You that I would not have an orgasm until our next session. Working from home became torture and Your Onlyfans page hell and heaven at the same time. A place where I returned every time. I became addicted.

Weeks passed. I have surrendered to You. My body was no longer mine and You had already claimed my cock. The frustrations built up. Orgasms were no longer a way to release my horniness and tension. Your videos on Onlyfans almost caused despair. I couldn’t take it anymore...Read more

Old and inexperienced

As a newcomer to the world of BDSM you try to find out where you fit in in that world and what triggers you. When you give in to your feelings and when you know they are submissive, your search begins.

Where can I go, what kind of people are doing this and where do I find them? The answers you find lead to new questions. You enter a world with an overkill of possibilities.

As an inexperienced man of over 50, what should you do with a feeling that keeps popping up and does not disappear? Most lifestyle sites do not offer any credible real-life possibilities, so I decided to take my first steps with a professional Mistress.

My scrolling stopped when I came across the profile of Mistress Eve. And as crazy as it may sound I was sold immediately, her appearance and her EYES were like a magnet to me..…. Read more

Thank you again for yesterday’s great session!

You really are an expert tickler, but also an expert in fulfilling fantasies and fetishes.

And you are a very nice person to talk to as well, so it was a perfect afternoon.

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