My rates

I’m a luxury and My rates will deflect on this.

Don’t try to negotiate a cheaper rate or deal, you will loose any chance of serving Me when doing so.

Studio session rates

1,5 hour € 450,-
2 hours € 600,-
2,5 hours € 750,-
3 hours € 850,-
3,5 hours € 950,-
4 hours € 1050,-
5 hours € 1200,-

Social meeting (drinks or dinner. No play)

2 hours € 400-
3 hours € 550,-
4 hours € 700,-


Always dreamt of going shopping with a Real Goddess and shop for new lingerie, latex, heels, toys or just something vanilla? You get to carry My bags, maybe even zip Me up or put on My new heels and of course pay for it all.

Only available in the Netherlands and Antwerp at the moment.

Minimum spending amount € 600,-

All sessions require a deposit of at least 33% of the session rate.
This can be paid by banktransfer or anonymously by giftcards of My choise.

Text/Chat sessions (with voice messages)

15 minutes € 40,-
30 minutes € 75,-
45 minutes € 100,-
60 minutes € 115-


30 minutes € 120,-
45 minutes € 150,-
60 minutes € 180,-


1 month subscription $ 9.99

My Wishlist

Gifts aren’t expected, but very much appreciated.
Here you can find My wishlist.

Almost 24 hours later and still recovering mentally from my session with Mistress Eve…. New Mistress, new studio, new setting. During this first session, she has already pushed and stretched
boundries. I’ve never been this out of breath after a session.

She is enchanting, breathtaking and absolutely peerless!

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Mistress Eve, thank you for my first training session. It was amazing and delightful. You where way to kind for me. And those eyes… Damn they where great! I really enjoyed to see you enjoy getting to use this virgin slave.

We are most defenitly pursuing this. I’m very greatful to have been in your hands and under your control.

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