Blackmail Fantasy

My story started during the Corona crisis. What do you do as a 50 year old man with submissive feelings in these time. Before Corona I sometimes went to see mistresses. But that was no longer possible and then you start to search for options on the internet.

For a while I was curious about Findom and Femdom on Twitter. A world opened up for me there. Newbie Dommes, Princesses and Queens who are mainly after your money. At one point I came across the profile of Mistress Eve and immediately her classy appearance stood out. She’s the type of woman who immediately turns all men’s heads when she walks by. Her presence is felt by everyone that’s in a room with her. She knows this and uses it. Men grow weak in Her presence, desire Her, want Her. But you will have to do something before She notices you! And I wanted to go very far to get some of her attention.

It started with a DM on Twitter. I got an answer pretty quickly. I complimented her with her profile on Twitter and after a nice chat we made an appointment for a Skype session. Nowadays everyone in my household is home most of the time. Fortunately I have a study where I have some privacy. I have lots of conference calls there, so a Skype session should be possible in between those without it being noticed, I thought.

Skype sessions are of course different from being allowed to serve someone in real life. The connection you can feel when you look the Mistress in the eye when she torments your nipples or penetrates you is really priceless. On Skype the effect is much less intense. I had told Mistress Eve that I don’t feel a connection or a kick when I hit my own balls in front of a cam. She recognized that feeling.

During the chat before the session I told Her that my submission grows when the Mistress controls my horniness. When she makes me horny and aroused, my mind disappears into my hard dick and the Mistress uses that and takes advantage of it. The session started well, she looks breathtaking. We had a nice conversation to start, but in the meantime I looked at her eyes, breasts and legs. My dick was already hard and she soon realized that I was busy playing with myself. “Hey sub, I see your arm go back and forth just out of the frame, let me see what you’re doing!”. I couldn’t help but obey of course, so I showed myself, with my pants on my ankles and hard dick in my hand. “Sooo, I see you’re already turned on, are you that horny?”she teased me. I felt humiliated, sitting in front of her on cam, naked and exposed. But it also felt great. ” am horny for you, you are beautiful, so beautiful, kinky, addictive, my mind is now between my legs”, I replied.

“Show me how horny you are, slut!” She said. I started jerking, and she egged me on. “Good! Make your dick hard! I want you to stop thinking altogether so I can do what I want with you! Show yourself slut, do a sexy dance.”

And I did, I got up, making sure she could see everything. My tongue wetting my lips like a slut. Every time I did something slutty I was encouraged to try even harder. “Move your hips”, I did it. “Fuck your fist for me now”, I did it. “Open your mouth so that I can fuck it with my strap-on”, I did it. I got so horny.

“TELL ME YOUR NAME !”, I told her. God, before I knew it, I had told her my name. She looked at me with victory in her gaze. “good, sub D" she said, “”if you want to get horny and cum you will have to pay a price!”. I was blown away by the ease with which She made me say all these things. But it also excited me enormously, she had entered my mind, her eyes pierced through me. “Come on … (she used my real name again), make your dick hard again and amuse Me”. My dick got hard again right away and I let myself go for her. I jerked off, showed her my blowjob mouth. “You like sucking dick” she asked? For you I will, I said. For you I am a slut and will suck whoever you want! This talk made me horny and this has been a fantasy of mine for a while. “Just make blowjob movements, sub D”, I did it. “Jerk off until you get close to reaching nine on the orgasm scale of 10”. I shamelessly jerked off like a horny willing slut on cam. She all dressed up and me vulnerably naked in a super aroused state. I’m almost coming Mistress, I moaned.

She smiled sweetly (and she is BEAUTIFUL). “Well done …. “ she whispered to me. “TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE”, without thinking I named my hometown. “WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS ?” I gave it. “WHERE DO YOU WORK?” I told her. “I WANT YOUR PHOTO SLUT!” She said, “then you can come.” Mistress please take a screenshot of this slut, I heard myself shout! I saw her take the picture and she said “Well done … (again my real name). Cum for me!”

I came and cried. I slut … (real name) … cum for you Mistress Eve. Pffffff God what did I do ….. but it felt so good.

Afterwards we chatted a bit so that I could come down from my high. “After you have had your orgasm everything is different. But you will come back to me anyway …” she said. And that is what happened.

I have skyped with Mistress Eve on several occasions now and she has a nice collection of photos of me and much more info. She had me lick up all my cum and I had to display it on my tongue. Only after she had taken a photo was I allowed to swallow it. I can’t go back now, don’t want to go back. And I know my info is safe in her hands.

Now I think about this beautiful woman every hour of the day and check her skype and OnlyFans several times a day! She is so addictive but also a nice person. We occasionally are in touch via Skype or DM. She keeps you focused! And when She has enough of you she ignores you. (She knows I’ll come back to her anyway). The idea that there is someone in your life that actually controls you is addictive. Not your own wife but someone who knows your deepest desires and has power over your dick, your horniness.

And the good thing is … other Findom ladies, usually only do online or a cashdrop at most. (10 kicks in your balls and 100 euros gone). But you can really meet Mistress Eve one day, as soon as Corona rules allow. I can’t wait, want to be manipulated by her and made into her slave!

This is the start of my journey, to be continued ..

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