Nipples and Stiletto’s

I frequently visit Mistresses and during a previous session with another mistress I met Mistress Eve. I was immediately fascinated by her beauty but also by her slim body. After meeting her I kept wondering if such an elegant light lady could inflict any pain at all. A few weeks later I thought I had to find out.

Although we had already met once Mrs. Eve still took the time for a good introductory conversation, which I appreciated very much. I had booked the attic-room where she tied me tightly, spread-eagled under the ladder. I had asked for a no-limit, no-safeword session. She started with my favorite, trampling my nipples with her stiletto heels. She had brought several pairs that were tried out one by one, often using her full weight. With her beautiful body above me, it was really enjoyable. At one point, however, I begged for mercy, but she just kept on dancing as agreed, something I appreciate very much from a good mistress. No matter how light she was, if the nipples get enough attention (read abuse), they will naturally hurt a lot more, but well, I came here for that. Conclusion: lighter ladies can indeed also hurt you in this way.

We also wanted to try out some other areas to trample. First came face-trampling. Still tied up, she started stepping full weight on my cheeks, sometimes with free hands, tripping neatly around the nose. In retrospect, I think I might have endured her full weight on my nose, but that remains a fantasy for the time being. A light lady can still hurt you. If you persist long enough, your head seems to want to burst like a melon, but that is the pain I came for.

The last episode was the cock-box. My cock and balls were expertly tied through the hole, no more escaping. Then Mrs. Eve went to work. The soles of her stilettos with full weight on my balls. Balls are round but in this case they were transformed into pancakes. It really hurt enormously, which could be heard from my moaning. My cock also took the full brunt. When Mrs. Eve stood with her heel full weight on the tip of my cock, I almost went through the ceiling. Yes, here too a light lady can hurt.

After the session I had a nice chat with her. A strict mistress but also a very sweet lady. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Greetings, Dutchguy

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