Your Lovely Feet

The first time I met you my plan was only to introduce myself on my way to see another Mistress. You were even more beautiful than in your pictures. You smelled wonderful and your smile was so enchanting and engaging. You sat down next to me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. So close to you, I felt so good.

I showed you the nasty clamps on my nipples that I always wear when I visit my Mistress. That amused you and even though I already had an appointment with another Mistress, I had to ask if we could please play for half an hour. In the attic, when you took off the clamps that had been on my nipples for over an hour, a mixture of indescribable pain and submission rippled through my whole being and in your unfathomable eyes I saw that it was good and I knew I would be serving you many more times.

I did not have to wait long for our second meeting. Again I got a shock when you entered the room. When you checked if I was wearing clamps on my nipples again, I felt like your property. There is nothing more beautiful than being so close to a Goddess. Again, I was so impressed with your perfect body and your kind and natural dominance. Fortunately, I was allowed to adore your feet, I was allowed to touch them, massage them, all the time admiring your dazzlingly beautiful strapless outfit.

Mistress Nina, who had let me in, came to have a look at our session. She too was so beautiful and I felt even more your slave because she watched me worship you and suffer for you. With your nails you tortured my nipples without mercy, your fingers explored my mouth. That gave me an indescribable feeling of no longer being human, but just a thing. That feeling was even stronger when you spat into my wide open mouth, while I was allowed to jerk off on your feet. You kept going, you spat ten times, time stood still. It was so indescribable, the skin on your legs was so soft, your nails on my nipples so hard, your eyes so deep, so full of dominance and love.

Gratefully and small I licked your lovely feet clean.

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