Ode To Mistress Eve

Writing an ode to Mrs. Eve, it seems so easy and yet it is so difficult. A beautiful, sensual and dominant Mistress, who can make you feel 101 things in a second. Whether it is her amazing body, her beautiful eyes, or her magnificent voice, this Mistress will enchant you immediately.

From the age of 23 I have served only 1 Mistress, and when she stopped I fell into a black hole. It was a huge step for me to start to explore the world of BDSM beyond my first Mistress. Should I suppress the urge for BDSM for the rest of my life and get out? Or will I look for a new / different Mistress to rediscover the world of BDSM?

I walked around with this uncertainty for several weeks, until Mrs. Eve appeared on the scene. I can still remember seeing her pictures for the first time. Her beauty and mystery had already conquered me before I had ever met her. After hesitating for a long time, I took the step and contacted this beautiful woman.

When I talked with her I was completely honest about my hesitance to open up to a new
mistress, I told her my story and she reassured me. “Let’s search together, explore and discover your world of BDSM”.

So I made an appointment. I stood there at the door with trembling knees, I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my life. What if we don’t click? What if she was not what I dreamed about? Well, after stepping through the door into the studio, I was sold. I am 27 now, but I felt like a child of 10. With trembling legs caused by all the thoughts running through my mind.

The pre-session meeting felt incredibly familiar, with humor and serious aspects. Yes, I knew I wanted to submit myself fully to this Mistress. We even decided to use the white room, a room that I had always been “afraid” of. (I hate doctors / hospitals etc.). Here boundaries were found and explored and my fate was sealed. I was sure that whatever happened, I would like to serve this Mistress as best I could. I even decided, after discussing it with her, that I wanted go into Chastity for her, to show her that I wanted to serve her as best as possible.

Even now during the Covid period, she is still active with online sessions via skype and for a chat, she always makes time. In short, I hope that I will be able to visit her very often in the future and continue to explore the world of BDSM together with her.

XO Slave S.

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