Old and inexperienced

As a newcomer to the world of BDSM you try to find out where you fit in in that world and what triggers you. When you give in to your feelings and when you know they are submissive, your search begins. Where can I go, what kind of people are doing this and where do I find them? The answers you find lead to new questions. You enter a world with an overkill of possibilities.

As an inexperienced man of over 50, what should you do with a feeling that keeps popping up and does not disappear? Most lifestyle sites do not offer any credible real-life possibilities so I decided to take my first steps with a professional Mistress. My scrolling stopped when I came across the profile of Mistress Eve. And as crazy as it may sound I was sold immediately, her appearance and her EYES were like a magnet to me.

You schedule the appointment. On the day that she has allowed you to visit her, you wash and shave, put on nice clothes and drive to the studio. As a little boy, nervous and tense, you step into the “Candy Store”;. Just wait here, says another Mistress, she is getting ready for you. And behind that closed door is the Lady you have been looking forward to meet for weeks.

Then, when the door opened and Mistress Eve appeared, my knees felt weak. Don’t show anything, I thought, but what a Lady. Filling in your do’s and don’t on a list is already an experience in itself if you don’t know what you really like and enjoy. But she puts you at ease and creates a relaxed atmosphere. “Come along, you wanted a tour first” she said, and like a labrador I followed her while shivers went through my body. “I have reserved the red room for us”. I followed. “Just take your clothes off and put everything there”. She makes you feel like you have arrived and than the session starts gently and quietly. She knows I am inexperienced and plays with my mind. The restraints on my arms and legs gives me an idea of where the session is going.

You feel her tapping and stroking you, the Mistress is an artist in keeping in touch with your body be it with her crop or with a tender touch of her hand. All kinds of delicious thoughts go through your mind. The session becomes a give and take in which Mistress Eve is clearly in control. You can also see that she truly likes it, smiling all the time and with lights in her eyes.

For me, the ultimate enjoyment is relinquishing control, surrendering. She knows how to move the session to fun and new (for me) experiences, and always there is that eye contact and her hand. I feel like wax in her hands and thank her for every tap and every caress. The end of my first session is near and I realize this is what I want. This feeling, the way this Lady completes the picture, hits my soft spot every time I think about it.

You say goodbye when you actually don’t want to. “See you soon” she says and looks at you again with shining eyes. Back home you think about what just happened and what made this such an ultimate experience. You quickly come to the conclusion that Mistress Eve has mastered the art of letting you enjoy and genuinely enjoying it herself. Contemplating all this the song “Angel Eyes” by Wet Wet Wet came on the radio just when I needed it.

A week passes and I have to make a new appointment with her, my longing for those Eyes and this Lady make my head spin. On the phone I was asked if I had any preferences and I said no, Mistress Eve decides. At home I get ready again. I shower, shave, take care of my body and put on clean clothes. You arrive again and now I am shocked. SHE opens the door, it couldn’t be better. My emotions shoot through my body. Wonderful, me in her hands again and she can do with me whatever she likes. When she asks me how I had liked the first session I beamed like a puppy and told her how wonderful it had been for me.

Mistress Eve really wants to know what you like and sincerely shows attention to me, her slave. Yes, I can really say now from the bottom of my soul that I am HER slave. I tell her that my kick is to leave all control with her and that she can determine what is good for me. Again I see the twinkle in her eyes, she already knows what I like but asks it again anyway. “Hmmm”, I hear. We go to the attic and I know now that this is her favorite playspace. What is she planning, how is the session going to play out this time ? "Take your clothes off", are her first words and I do it. I see the twinkle and smile in her eyes again. “YOU ARE MINE” these eyes tell me.

Again the session is varied and she allows me to enjoy the alternation of pain and tenderness. I long for these experiences and she lets me experience them. Mistress Eve gets into my head and always plays the right notes. I melt again under her control. I feel and hear her enjoyment, and when I am not blindfolded I can see the sparkle in her eyes. Pleasure comes in many forms. For me a session with Mistress Eve is the ultimate pleasure. I am addicted to her beautiful eyes and her perfect body. And of course to the way she plays with my mind. The hour is over. We end our session without haste. She shows me out and says “see you soon” and that will definitely happen. On the way home I quickly put the ‘Wet Wet Wet’ song again and enjoy the music with The Mistress in my mind.

In the days after the session, I think about what we did, but I think even more about the Lady herself, my Mistress Eve. Remember that behind the disguise of a Mistress is a nice young woman who also lives a full life away from the dungeon. I respect that woman. Even faster I schedule my third appointment and again I indicate that the Mistress decides. In the car on my way to her my body gets itchy and the desire rises in my head. She opens the door again. We have a relaxed chat and she tells me that she has reserved the black room for us today. The session can start again, I walk behind her with a pounding hard,

I follow my Mistress. “Take your clothes off”. My worries are over, I am in her hands again. What will she have thought of for today ? goes through my mind. I had ordered a present for her and I see it in the corner, an Electro shock. She smiles and I can see the sparkle in her eyes again. She teases me and blindfolds me but I can still feel her smile.

Today again she lets me enjoy something new and again she does that full of passion. She reads my mind and my body. I feel that I have rarely felt tenderness and roughness mixed so wonderfully. Softly I whisper Thank You to her over and over again.

I feel owned by my Mistress and today again I have played with abandon. Slowly our session came to an end. I get dressed, we talk and we are honest to each other. I go home again totally fulfilled, listening to music and dreaming about our session.

The next session cannot start quickly enough for me, because she, Mistress Eve, can ignite that energy in my body.

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