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By nature I am not a submissive person. In a matter of weeks though, I have gone from a determined man to Your weak servant. Who can think of nothing else but his Goddess. It started with an exciting online session, after which I promised You that I would not have an orgasm until our next session. Working from home became torture and Your Onlyfans page hell and heaven at the same time. A place where I returned every time. I became addicted.

Weeks passed. I have surrendered to You. My body was no longer mine and You had already claimed my cock. The frustrations built up. Orgasms were no longer a way to release my horniness and tension. Your videos on Onlyfans almost caused despair. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Then the time had come. Our second online session. When You noticed how I was struggling with my weakness, a sadistic smile appeared and Your eyes twinkled. You told me that You get excited seeing men crawl for You. The first minutes of the session passed like a vague dream. I only had eyes for your breathtaking cleavage. Your beautiful eyes had missed nothing and You made me struggle, kneel and confront my lack of self-discipline. Laughing, you took it a step further. It took my breath away when I was allowed to see the shape of your divine ass. So beautiful and round … At that moment officially more blood had gone to my penis than to my brain.

I had tied my balls tightly with two shoelaces under Your watchful eye. They were about to burst, and that was just entertainment to You. Never have I begged a woman for an orgasm. Now I wanted to give up a kingdom for it. That day I officially became Your weak and obedient slave. For years I dreamed of a femme fatale who would change me forever. That turned out to be You. But You are much more than that. You are funny and sweet and interested in me too! That’s why I can really surrender to you. There is trust and mutual respect.

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