About Me

I enjoy to see you squirm with discomfort, embarrassment or pain.

By using whips, electro, needles, CBT or just my hands or my voice. Every sigh, or groan of pain from you brings a smile to my face. I will use every inch of your body and mind for my pleasure.

Beware, I’m highly addictive…

Almost 24 hours later and still recovering mentally from my session with Mistress Eve…. New Mistress, new studio, new setting. During this first session, she has already pushed and stretched
boundaries. I’ve never been this out of breath after a session.

She is enchanting, breathtaking and absolutely peerless!

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Mistress Eve, thank you for my first training session. It was amazing and delightful. You where way to kind for me. And those eyes… Damn they where great! I really enjoyed to see you enjoy getting to use this virgin slave.

We are most definitely pursuing this. I’m very greatful to have been in your hands and under your control.

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Serve Me

There are many ways to serve Me online as well in real life, but there’s only ONE chance to make a good first impression.

Make sure to read about the way I offer sessions and where.

If you want to serve Me make sure you approach Me in the way I want you to.

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